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Providing managed solutions for a decade.

Our existing team has been providing managed solution for a decade. Our customers are Australian and multinational corporates.

Your Trusted Partner

Best Practice design and technology. We rely on VMware esx, IBM blade servers, and hardware firewalls. We design for zero tolerance for hardware or network failure. We have 3 ISPs that our network has failover, including Telstra, Optus and Verizon. Don’t settle for lesser designs, or lesser technology. Don’t be hoodwinked by SLA promises, ask about design.

The final solution is your choice. You choose how large your server is. You choose your operating system and edition. You choose the level of support you need. The security design of VLAN and VPNs are available for you.

Smart people and solid processes. We include monitoring of your servers, and escalation to our dedicated team. We also have operating system and application consultants available to assist with your needs.

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We Are Better

ask other hosting providers

Do they use brand name hardware?
– We use IBM

Do they use hardware firewalls?
– We use Juniper hardware firewalls

Do they use RAID SAN?
– We use SUN SSD accelerated RAID SAN