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Networking is the life blood of your server.

You need access to your server ALL the time – we understand that.
Network designed to work always

Multiple ISPs. We use telstra wholesale, optus wholesale, verizon, and equinix (they use a group of ISPs as well).
We have BGP connections to each ISP, and advertise our networks to the world.

Telstra and Optus are our primary providers. We have automated failover across all 4 carriers.

Uptime SLA. We have a 99.9% uptime SLA.
For customers taking up dual data centres, we have 99.99% uptime SLA.
More importantly we are designed to have multiple ISPs with automated failover.

Meshed firewalls and switches. We have a meshed topology for our firewalls and switches, so each firewall can get to each ISP.

Teamed NICs on the LAN. We use dual NICs to dual switches on the LAN side.
Each firewall has a connection to each LAN switch.

DoS outage protection. The internet is a rough place. Just being connected to the internet isnt good enough, it needs to be smooth and consistent.
DoS means Denial of Service. Its an attack from the internet to stop your smooth internet usage. These occur very very often.

DoS attacks (and DDos) is most commonly many concurrent attempts to contact a website. The overall number of connections, and data caused, breaks server, firewalls, and routers. A DoS attack can bring down not only the victim server, but other servers within that provider.

We have inbuilt DoS protection. This protection limits available resources during an attack, so the attack is constrained, and engineers can calmly and effective react to it.

Indepently audited uptime. See our uptime stats here. This is measured internationally. Most hosting providers just measure to their ISP, not right across the internet. This even measures our effectiveness against DoS and upstream outages..