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Top Teir data centre.

We use an equinix data in Mascot, Sydney, Australia.

Equinix uses standard redundant power, cooling, UPS, diesel generators as you would expect from a teir 1 data centre. Please read their equinix colocation brochure for more information.

We also use Global Switch in Pyrmont in Sydney, as our recovery data centre, and for our clients that have a dual datacentre strategy. Ask us if you’d like to be included.
Your server in the data centre

Dual power feeds . All the servers and storage arrays have dual power feeds, from dual circuits from equinix.

Dual blowers . Your server runs within an IBM blade, with an IBM blade centre. The IBM blade center was dual blowers (huge fans), to keep the blade centre cool.

The second blower is for redundancy. Only one blower is really needed at any time.

To save power and the environment, the blade centre reduces the revs of the blower when both are available, and the blade centre is cool enough.
24 hour unescorted access. We can flash our badge, and access the data centre whenever we like. We can get in fast if we need too. Equinix ensure physical security with IDs and pass badges, and physically lock the cabinets. No customers have direct access to the cabinets.

You need a secure hosting platform.

Security starts with a firewall, and continues with a good design and planning.
Your Server is Secure

Enterprise Hardware Firewall. We use Juniper enterprise hardware firewalls. These firewalls are capable of stopping all DoS (denial of service) attacks.

The DoS defence is automatic, detecting the attack and responding automatically.

The firewalls are scalable, to handle any challenge. They have inbuilt content filtering.

DoS defence. Don’t use a hosting provider without a hardware firewall for DoS defence. Its like driving a car without a seat belt and air bags.

Without good DoS defence an attack on another customer could effect your server. Our DoS defence protects all customers.

Securing your data.

The business plan has VLANs available, standard on enterprise plans.

You have your own subnet and DMZ for your servers.This provides isolation from other clients. The DMZ VLAN is for web facing servers , like email, web, and ecommerce.

You have a second private VLAN. For database and file servers. This private VLAN cannot be accessed from the internet, access is only from your DMZ.

You have a separate set firewall of policies controlling access from your DMZ to your private VLAN. This gives you text book best practice for security.
Your Own Operating System. We use vmware esx for hosting your server. This allows you to run your own operating system. This keeps your data more secure than some other forms of virtualization.

Custom Rules. Under the enterprise plan you have a virtual firewall on our juniper hardware. This allows for a completely custom set of firewall policies and settings.

Under all plans you can have custom firewall rules. There is a minimal charge under the standard plan.