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WIll it have enough CPU and memory for backups ?

“I’ve found with my VPS , and other web hosting, that I run into limits for scheduled backups”

  • I’ve seen this before also, php limits on memory, php limits on execution time

Well, one of the things we do is limit what sort of backup tools you can use.

We put a lot of effort into backups. And give you a non-wordpress web interface to restore those backups.

We also let you download backups whenever you like.

I also understand that you want a backup somewhere not under our control (which makes sense, I would). We can also schedule an upload of the backups, for all your sites, to either ftp, ssh/scp/sftp, or to amazon s3.

In a pinch there are a few backup plugins we will allow.

When we do schedule backups, or a backup plugin, it does not run on the main web server cluster. It will run on the admin wordpress server, and on the staging wordpress server. This allows us to schedule the backups during the day as well.

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