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How should I build my wordpress site ?

“We started to build a website ourselves on WordPress but it has been far too time consuming. I would also like to know what price range I should be looking at to expect a quality professional looking page. Content is written, layout is mostly planned, and photography is in progress so it’s just the putting it all together we need done. Any and all advice welcome.”
This is sort of ‘how long is a piece of string problem’.
The cost of your site is a function of a few decisions
1. Do you want something truly custom, that reflects your brand ?
if so, start with a psd from a good designer
if not, perhaps aim towards someone that can use templates
2. do you want to ‘Do It Yourself?’
I think this is the worst strategy, takes too long, looks like rubbish when you’re finished.
if you do, invest in a recently built theme – don’t pick a popular but aging theme – because they are likely to come with security problems.
3. You want someone to look after you, make all the decisions, and just give you the finished product ?
– look for a real agency, not a web developer.
– have a budget of atleast $3k, but $5k+ is more likely
– ask me directly to refer you to some good guys, that will look after you.
4. Do you have experience with off shore, or managing contractors ?
– this can cut the cost dramatically, like by 80% cheaper
– it can also lead to a bit of mess if you aren’t used to managing it
– you can put up each piece of the project for auction on freelancer or elance.
Some general advice from me,
– spend what you can afford this year. Your site should have a life of 12-18 months, as you learn more about what you want to achieve, more about your brand, just rebuild every few years. This saves spending too much at once, and getting too attached to your investment.
– a designer is not a developer, they know how to make stuff look good, but cant build it.
– a web developer is not a designer, they can build stuff, but it looks awful.
depends if you’re after truly custom, including a custom design, or you’re happy with templates. And if you want to use local Aussies, or you have experience with off shore.
This is my structure
– get a psd from a good designer – make sure it reflects your brand, colours etc
– get a quote for css/html cut up
– get a quote for wordpress template build
– I use for my quotes.
– I use asana for managing tasks

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