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How do I enable cloudflare and railgun ?

There is a cpanel plugin for cloudflare.

Click on it, and register your site (its just a 1 click process).

Then click on the ‘cloudflare performance’ tab. It should say, at the bottom, ‘Powered by Cloudflare ‘ . If its not turned on, click the little cloud logo on the right hand side at the bottom.

You can click ‘settings’. for further functionality.

You can purge the cache from here, which is rarely needed.

You can also enabled ‘railgun’ from here, you should choose ‘railgun1’. This will make your site even faster.

After installing cloudflare – it configures cloudflare to use that staging server as the source of web pages.

If you want to use the production cluster as the source for web pages, use the ‘advanced dns zone editor’ and change this entry 1400 IN CNAME is a mechanism to find the favoured hosting cluster member.

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