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How can wpDone offer unlimited wordpress hosting ?

A lot of what we’ve done to make wordpress faster and more secure has driven our costs down. For example, hacking and password guessing was taking around 90% of the CPU usage of wordpress. Once the security measures stopped the hacking attempts, we have a lot less CPU usage.

Same with the CDN and page optimizer, together they eliminate up to 80% of the internet traffic. Then we became CDN optimized partner (and have cloudflare railgun), that can eliminate another 80%+ percent of the traffic that was left.

So with less web hits – comes less database hits.

Add to that computers and the internet get cheaper every year.

Also our experience with clients shows a reduction in the costs over time.

So we are passing the savings on to you, in the form of unlimited everything – hits, internet, database, and storage.

We do have some limitations – larger companies need to go onto a different plan (they can afford it, they still get unlimited usage), plus we have ‘reasonable limits clauses. Like you can’t plonk non website files on your site. We aren’t going to allow anyone with insane sized digital assets (like say a professional photographer to keep a massive portfolio of raw images), or for someone to distribute video downloads.

Our unlimited plans are for regular Aussie businesses.

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