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Are there any restrictions ?

No backup plugins – unless you get it checked with us first. We have extensive backups, including cpanel backups, and SAN backups, that are both offsite. If you’re a wholesale customer we can organise an additional backup for you.

No caching plugins, other than w3 total cache. We also used redis object cache – but we install that automatically.

Plugins that write to the filesystem won’t work too well, or at all. Like backup plugins, or older sitemap plugins.

cron functionality is limited. But we’ve found most customers use it for backup plugins and older sitemap plugins.

we do have the ability to schedule cron tasks on the admin server – it requires a support request to enable. We might to enabling this for all customers at some stage. This will fix things like old sitemap plugins, or older plugins that write to the filesystem.

cron does work perfectly well on staging. So things like automated updates occuring on staging only is a good things. You can review there, and push to production as appropriate.

Your wordpress website can only be used as a website, and not an internet backup storage server. We wont accept huge catalogues of images or video – reasonable business images for websites is fine. Video should be on youtube or vimeo in most cases. We won’t accept files that are not used on your website.

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