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Are there any known issues ?

We are still in beta, here is a list of things we are still working on

– there is also an issue of the admin-ajax not working on some sites in production. it works fine in staging. It’s really just a nuisance if you are editing content directly into the production cluster. see here for more details on what admin-ajax does.
– currently its 1 wordpress install per cpanel account. not sure if that effects you.
– we havent completed the ‘copy back from production to staging’ – but that isnt far off
– if you’re using w3tc page cache, each time you ‘push to production’ you need to clear the page cache, on the production wordpress.
– using the production wordpress wp-admin (editing pages/post etc) can be sluggish , we are working on a fix. This doesn’t effect web visitors screaming fast access to pages though. And staging has fast wp-admin access – where most of your changes should be done.

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