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Data centre

Teir 1 data centre.

We use an equinix data centre in Mascot, Sydney, Australia.
Equinix uses standard redundant power, cooling, UPS, diesel generators as you would expect from a teir 1 data centre. Please read their equinix colocation brochure for more information.
We also use Global Switch in Pyrmont in Sydney, as our recovery data centre, and for our clients that have a dual datacentre strategy. Ask us if you’d like to be included.
Your server in the data centre

Dual power feeds. All the servers and storage arrays have dual power feeds, from dual circuits from equinix.

Dual blowers.
Your server runs within an IBM blade, with an IBM blade centre. The IBM blade center was dual blowers (huge fans), to keep the blade centre cool.

The second blower is for redundancy. Only one blower is really needed at any time.

To save power and the environment, the blade centre reduces the revs of the blower when both are available, and the blade centre is cool enough.

24 hour unescorted access. We can flash our badge, and access the data centre whenever we like. We can get in fast if we need too. Equinix ensure physical security with IDs and pass badges, and physically lock the cabinets. No customers have direct access to the cabinets.