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Providing managed solutions for a decade.

Our existing team has been providing managed solution for almost 2 decades. Our customers are Australian and multinational corporates.

Your Trusted Partner

Best Practice design and technology.
We rely on multiple levels of security technology , including:
– hardware firewalls
– VPNs
– intrusion detection
– We can also help with DDoS protection

Hardware Firewalls.
our font line soldiers are there protecting your servers.

Keep your servers private from other customers.
They also allow to have some server disconnected from the internet. For example, your database server need only be connected to the web server – and not the whole world.

Allows you to securely access services from your office.
You wouldn’t want to allow access to all your servers and applications from the internet, but you do want staff to access them.
It’s like having the server in your own office.

Intrusion Detection
Our hardware firewall can inspect the traffic, and block known hacker attack patterns.

DDoS protection
Some applications attract Distribution Denial of Services attacks.
We can help advise you reasonable steps to take, and help you during an attack.